When we say rock n roll, we do not mean a genre, we mean a spirit. We mean the pursuit to take back human fun and wildness, a deeper sense of human power.

Rock n Roll is a totemic manifestation of the human spirit. It is a fertile sexual power in these non-sexual times. An iconic creation based in the basic boundlessness of human power.  It is because of this root, primitive power that rock becomes a symbol of anti-establishment. But at it’s root, it is, like human consciousness, apolitical. It is simultaneously more primitive and more transcendent. 

Lightning is for us not only a celebration of this human force, but a movement to embrace this symbol of empowerment and fun. We see the current times, whether because of economic recession or an overly mediated lack of internal power, trending towards the puritanical.  Rigidity, fundamentalism and boredom run rampant in styles and tastes, even the arts. People giving away their sense of fun and spontaneity to media and food and dark woods. Defining their sense of self by their consumptive taste.  Competing with and treating each other as competitive brands. 

Lightning wants to offer the spirit of rock n roll back to people’s lives.



"There is a growing body of creative channels in America, relief for the young people frustrated by the country’s lack of sexual inertia and impulsive “rock & roll” spirit (not to mention nostalgia for a time when creating music that sounds like a Coke ad wasn’t subversive or even ad-worthy — it just sucked). Lightning Records is one such outlet, a “modern multi-media channel” — a tape label, print magazine, apparel company, “adventurous” event planner, and counterculture journal of bold photography and narrative journalism — launched in 2012 by Seth Olinsky (Akron/Family, Cy Dune) and Musician/Conceptual Artist Ali Beletic their group of cool friends who surf and bike and do other rad shit."    - Ross Devlin, Tiny Mix Tapes

Lightning is a modern multi-media channel showcasing our culture from within the scene. 

Launched in 2012, the channel is home to musicians, creatives, photographers, culture creators, artists, ditrbiking and surf stories, creating digital experiences in collaboration with exceptional artists, brands and cultural institutions. We've made the trip to have a beach burn on the industrial streets of Braddock with rebel filmmaker Bill Daniel, made surf pilgrimages backcountry with Kauai Legend surfer Chris, explored the future of shred with guitar legends Dick Dale and Wayne Kramer, brought Rhys Chatham’s 100 guitar orchestra to small town Pennsylvania, and toured in and out of every small venue overseas as traveling musicians. The new mobile-optimized Lightning also continues its commitment to discovering, crafting and showcasing the stories of the music, art, and free riders community from the inside.

We not only foster our online community, but also release records, produce a print magazine, and curate adventurous and out of the box events.