LTG 004 // Ohioan // American Spirit Blues

Ohioan is the band and pen name of desert rebel songwriter Ryne Warner of Tucson, AZ - a past member of Castanets, Ghost to Falco, and Death Songs, and co-founder of the Infinite front label/collective. Coming up in the Ohio and Florida hardcore scene, he opted out to explore the hidden train tracks and dusty corners of the American sub-conscious through the great American song form. On his latest full length Ryne has taken American Spirit Blues out from behind the counter of Circle K and resurrected it as the desert song running through all our veins, penned in Tucson between stints as a mule skinner in the Grand Canyon and recorded in a crumbling anarchist adobe building on the corner of a wide, lonely street near the train tracks in Tucson. 

Ohioan is living music. The sounds are of life, and it is a perfect accompaniment to life. It is not retro or classic, but it is listening music. It is not meant to be thinked to or dissected. It is classic in its sense of purpose, and living in its sense of place. Ryne says of his latest LP,

“Almost all of it was done in an old adobe warehouse between the train tracks and the interstate. If you listen attentively, you can hear traffic/train sounds all over the record, at very darling moments. Those magic morsels usually decided the take…The average temp while this was recorded was 110…I was exploring more straightforward, traditional songwriting, things I could do by myself to keep my hands busy. Trying not to overthink, or think in general. Thinking is bad for music, most of the time.The songs were usually recorded the day they were written to cassette 4-track, then dumped with an1/8” cable to my friends computer headphone jack. “ 

On ASB you can hear, along with the perfect complements of pedal steel and tape hiss, the intimacy and immediacy of this moment in one mans time, and his participation in the organic evolution of outlaw country rock n roll.

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