American Culture

American Culture // The Olympia Sessions

LTG 011 //   Release Date: Sept 25, 2015

"Self described, *Music for Introverts*.  We call them *Introverted Punks*. 


Anthemic and noisy. Pop racket. American Culture is the music that we all grew up with as American wasteland kids. Music that got into our blood during those fragile and formative years. The soundtracks to when we first tried drugs, cut class, had sex, became who we are. When ever that may have been. "

                                                                                                - Chris Adolf (Excerpts from the American Culture Manifesto)
American Culture is a phenomenon of music genius rooted deeply in the psyche of legendary Denver songwriter Chris Adolf.   Chris has toured the underground house circuits and punk basements of the US many years over and now with American Culture he has turned his songrwriting and recording genius towards channeling all the sounds of a 90's American childhood. 

Part John Waters, part Jim Carroll, Chris and American culture ride the line that America has always closely drawn between outsider and pure pop culture. 

He lives out in the desert near four corners.  There are no other bands there. No other references.  American Culture can be seen live in various warehouses and punk spaces through out the desert west. 

Bubblegum-Noise//Powerpop-Anthems//Punk-People//Outsider-Pop citing inspiration from GBV, Wipers, the Records, Dead Milkmen, The Soft Boys, The Shoes, the Stone Roses, The Adverts, Jim Carroll Band, The Cure, Dinosaur JR.