You are invited to join a collaboration music video project between La Motocyclette and Ali Beletic @alibeletic featuring women riders from the La Moto community all around the world set to Ali's new song "Stone Fox" inspired by this movement.  You can listen to the song here on NPR.

We are collecting cinematic 15-60 second clips of women riders shredding in their own unique styles. Creative interpretation, expression, & group riding shots completely welcome.

All riders / shooters who are selected will be credited in the video & it will premiere on Vice/Noisey, ID, or Fader.  Alongside the premier, we will also featured the individual clips here on a Lightning's site crediting the individual riders and photographers.   The goal is to capture and share with the world moving images that document the breadth and diversity of the growing global movement of women motorcycle riders; paired with a song that's inspired by it and showcases lady empowerment.

Show your spirit on your sleeve.



Submit here;  [please submit clips via WeTransfer to Please title the clips with the shooter and riders names - So we can properly credit you]

We are reaching out to fellow badass women motorcyclists around the country asking them to shoot or send over a cinematic clip of them shredding in in their own unique styles.   The goal here is to celebrate the breadth of the community, and the new feminine iconography.  The shots can be of riding, and/or anything that catches that ‘no holds barred, where your spirit on your sleeve, get out onto the open road, the open wilderness, into the dirt and express your unique style’ feeling.   The clips will be cut together and premiered as a music video for a song I wrote inspired by the global scene of women motorcyclists.  All riders and shooters will be credited in the credits.  

We ask that you send clips, between 15 seconds - 1 minute, expressing your impressionistic take on riding.  We ask you to shoot something cinematic, choosing a location, special style, or expressive time of day. We encourage you all to ride and shoot together and get creative.  We are really excited about sharing the collective story of the global women motorcyclist movement.  We are excited to see what you all send over and remember to ride safe.

Photos from: Baja rally, Bonneville Speed Trials, Robb Hunter shooting Kristina Gerig, Nat Geo Chinese Torch Festival, Gooch / Deus ex Machina, IMMOTO, Ali Beletic & Scott Pommier shooting Stacie B. London for Shutter Speed.

Photos from: Baja rally, Bonneville Speed Trials, Robb Hunter shooting Kristina Gerig, Nat Geo Chinese Torch Festival, Gooch / Deus ex Machina, IMMOTO, Ali Beletic & Scott Pommier shooting Stacie B. London for Shutter Speed.



Hand’s down rock n roll saved my life.  When I lived in New York, I was living on the ground floor.  There we were in old abandoned lofts, living without heat, being young, and trying on every philosophy.  I had to leave New York to find my own voice.  I went out to the desert to drive muscle cars, ride motorcycles, explore adventures, work on large scale sculptural works, get off the grid and start throwing vanguard parties. I knew there were stories out in the land that needed to be told.  Latent instincts and emotions that I wanted us to feel.  So I posted up in the Sonoran desert and wrote and recorded this record.  I wanted it to have a powerful ny street edge to it, but also this real raw feminine power that I thought I could riff on - I wanted to see where it connected to rock n roll.  I think rock n roll is an ancient feeling we have and I’m excited to take part in that. 

While riding bikes out in the desert, I started to meet other women motorcyclists and connect with the global scene - that as La Motocyclette puts it is ‘the new wave of women motorcyclists’.  I was included in a couple of the issues Lynda put out and I was really inspired to have found a powerful rock n roll feminine scene and am excited to share and celebrate that.  I wrote this song Stone Fox inspired by this new wave, and am excited to help promote the intentions, breadth, and new feminine shred of this community.  Stone Fox was actually the last song written for the record, written as a sort of reflective statement about this exploring, about finding a rock n roll feminine spirit, about the deep personal power of shapeshifting.  It is the idea of heading out into the unknown and what you find out beyond that point.

Thanks so much for participating!



La Motocyclette is an independent magazine that features powerful stories, photos, and interviews with women motorcyclists from all around the world, from all walks of life. It is a love letter to all women who were told they can't, a manifesto to female empowerment. 

The women featured come from all different sub cultures and the point is to tell their stories and to show by example that women come to motorcycling from very different places and all gain strength from it.

Riding forces you to constantly push up against the limits of your physical strength and will and has stretches you beyond any preconceived notions of your own capacity. It's crying in a gas station. It's smelling the wind as it smashes against your helmet going 80 miles an hour on the highway. The feeling of conquering you own fear perfectly timed with turning around a bend on a road and a sweeping view of mountains unfolding. Facing your fears on a daily basis like that changes you forever. 

The women we will highlight are pioneers, rebels, crossing gender stereotypes and providing inspiration beyond the motorcycle community. The sleeping Gen X generation, waking up and roaring to life; putting their poetry into the millenial landscape.

Photo Credit: Yve Assad of (Paul Moak, VJWheeler, MotoModaShop)

Photo Credit: Yve Assad of (Paul Moak, VJWheeler, MotoModaShop)